Create a new logo for the 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Golden Valley Pride festival.
My Role
Graphic Design
Capture the excitement of the celebration and stay true to the neighborhood vibe that has made the festival so popular.
• Express excitement
• Fun and creative
• Colorful and appealing

In this iteration the Golden Valley "swooshes" were incorporated to complete the "5." The client loved the color and that it incorporated the existing logo so completely.

This iteration of the design utilized the golden tone of the "swooshes" to evoke a feeling of community as well as giving the sense that this is something special to experience.

In this example the idea was to illustrate that this was a celebration of the anniversary. Using the colors of the logo in complex gradients to tie the themes together. This is also respectful of the existing logo as a unit that cannot be edited and maintains margins as to not interfere with standards set.