I was the user experience designer on a winning team, producing a fully functioning app that illustrated the business value of beacon technology to our business and clients.
My Role
• User Research
• Wireframes & prototyping
• UI, Interaction & Graphic Design
Prove the market value of beacon technology in a two day hack-a-thon event.
• Track proximity
• Provide relevant information
• Up-sell
• Promotional offer
Working closely with the business I gathered information on what a typical customer experience would be. I illustrated what it would be like to engage with our promotion and the different media types.
Research Methods:
• Interviews
• Customer Journey
• User Journey

Journey Maps

We would need to create a digital and physical experience that would:
• Appeal to a broad range of users
• Compel users to participate
• Increase in-store traffic and store circulation
• Utilize print and technology
Wireframes & Prototypes
Processing all of the insights and real world examples I created wireframes in Adobe XD to aid in discussions with the development team to make sure we were not aiming too high for this extremely short delivery cycle.

App wireframes

With the design on the right track, I got to work prototyping the final product with Axure. I designed graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator and generated a working prototype and exported web ready graphics that would be used to build the app.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

Customized and printed signage

Final demo video side by side interaction