I improved the business performance of an existing worker management kiosk by empathizing and visualizing a new user experience that helped people succeed in the workplace. 
My Role
• User Research
• Wireframes & Prototyping
• UI & Interaction Design
Update an aging kiosk and user interface to make it more easily accessible for employees to register themselves for work and to print out security badges and time sheets.
• Reduce security breaches
• Self service registration
• Self service time sheet and security badge printing
• Reduce data errors
Gather insights on the current kiosk experience from people accessing the kiosk, maintaining the kiosk records and managing the employees who use the kiosk.
Research Methods:
• Interviews
• Heuristic Evaluation
• Journey Map
• Environmental Observation
A synthesis of our research showed that we would be able to improve the kiosk by considering that the people accessing the kiosk had challenges with:
• Support for Multiple languages
• Physical impairments
• Varying technological aptitude
• Badge and time sheet printing
Wireframes & Prototypes
I designed clickable wireframes using Adobe XD and working prototypes in Axure RP to facilitate our conversations and to show what the user journey would include as a result of our usability insights.

Clickable wireframe

Working Prototype

We went live with two kiosks. One kiosk continued to use the existing software and the other kiosk ran the software with the new user experience. After releasing the new user experience the team was able to meet each of the goals defined, as a result we saw:
• Higher productivity
• Less security breaches
• No new data errors
Lessons Learned
The kiosk involved using a programming language I had not encountered before. Working with the lead developer in this process was key to being able to roll with the punches. Involving them early in the process steered some of the design so that we avoided having to re-work designs because of technology limitations. On this project MVP (minimum viable product) was the name of the game.